Healthier Lives Through Scientific Discovery in Food, Nutrition and Diet

Our diet is one of the few modifiable factors affecting our risk for several chronic diseases. Yet as recently as 2017, it was estimated that nearly 25% of deaths worldwide were directly related to sub-optimal diets. Research shows foods can differentially affect the health and nutrient status of individuals, creating a need for personalized nutrition recommendations. The Foods for Health Research Initiative provides the framework to develop new collaborations and innovative approaches needed to address these complex issues.
tomatoes in a box
Tracing tomatoes’ health benefits to gut microbes
Featuring Foods for Health faculty member Dr. Jessica Cooperstone
students attend poster session
Foods for Health and the CCIC Co-Host Successful Scientific Meeting
FFH and the CCIC co-hosted the 5th Annual Ohio Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Symposium October 12-13
women speaking to audience
Foods for Health Annual Meeting
FFH Discusses Expanded Research Focus and First Annual Meeting held September 29, 2022