About Foods for Health (FFH)

The Foods for Health Research Initiative is Ohio State's premier initiative for interdisciplinary research that defines the impacts of foods using modern technology and informatic approaches. Our growing community is made up of researchers in diverse disciplines across 12 academic units. 
student conducting food research

Our Vision

Healthier lives through scientific discovery across food, nutrition and diet.
Female student working in a lab

Our Mission

To advance interdisciplinary research that defines the relationship among foods, disease prevention and health promotion
The future of food is one where nutritional recommendations are precise and eating healthy is easier. 

Solutions that help us achieve this goal will come from all disciplines, and Ohio State continues to be optimally positioned for innovative research.  Our community is empowered by an expansive campus that uniquely co-locates Colleges of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, Education and Human Ecology, Arts and Sciences, seven Health Sciences colleges, a top-ranked academic Medical Center and a Comprehensive Cancer Center. FFH researchers work collaboratively to discover new ways in which foods can enhance health. 

Foods for Health strives to:


We enable and amplify research through strategic faculty hiring, funding opportunities and scholarly output.


We bring the research community together and expand partnerships.


We train the next generation of scientists working in the FFH space.