Building a comprehensive approach for precision nutrition research

The field of Precision Nutrition aims to understand how unique combinations of personal characteristics such as disease state, genetic background and microbiome composition affect nutritional needs for optimal health. As our knowledge in this area evolves so, too, will our ability to make dietary recommendations tailored to individuals. 

There is a simultaneous need for improved food that enables individuals to follow these new dietary recommendations. Research on flavor, factors influencing choice and consumption, health promoting properties and optimized production methods will all be important as we work to make eating healthy easier. 


Image showing FFH approach to precision nutrition -It states that a combination of (Epi) Genetics, Systems Biology, Microbiome, Dietary Patterns and Habits, Health Status, Lifestyle and Environment and Tailored Dietary Recommendations can help achieve improved health status. Also, a combination of Ingestive Behaviors, Optimized Production, Flavor Stimuli and Acceptability, Health Promoting Components and Improved Food can also lead to Improved Health Status.

Our faculty and affiliates work within and across four key research areas

Clinical and Pre-clinical Studies

We evaluate the health effects of foods and dietary interventions through human trials and model systems.

Analytical Sciences

We utilize modern analytical approaches to understand complex relationships.

Agricultural Sciences

We advance healthy foods with superior product acceptability.

Data Analytics

We use informatics and computational modeling to understand the complexity of the relationship between foods, diet and overall health.

What Makes Fruits and Vegetables Healthy?

Listen to a Discovery Talk by FFH Faculty Dr. Jessica Cooperstone