FFH Funded Research

Ohio State's Foods for Health Research Initiative Awards 2023 Seed Grants

The OSU Foods for Health Research Initiative (FFH) has awarded its 2023 round of seed grants, totaling $180,000 over the next two years.

Each year, FFH invites its affiliate community to submit research proposals that further the mission of the initiative. The ultimate goal of the seed grant program is to enable the formation of interdisciplinary teams and provide them with resources that allow them to elevate their impact through publications, extramural funding, and other scholarly activities.  

This year’s funded projects include:

Bioactive Phytochemical Enhancement in Arugula Using Hydroponic Production Methods
Jessica Cooperstone (PI, Horticulture & Crop Science/Food Science & Technology)
Chieri Kubota (Horticulture & Crop Science)
Aaron Wiedemer (Food Science & Technology)

Adipocyte Extracellular Vesicles Promote Atherosclerosis in Obesity
Willa Hseuh (PI, Internal Medicine)
Eduardo Reátegui (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

Dietary Impact on Phagocytic & Mitochondrial Function of Brain Cells From Young Adult and Aged Rats
Ruth Barrientos (PI, Psychiatry & Behavioral Health)
Kedryn Baskin (Physiology & Cell Biology)

Taste and Tactile Underpinnings of Picky Eating
Chris Simons (PI, Food Science & Technology)
Praveen Goday (Nationwide Children’s Hospital)

A Track Record of Success

Since 2016 FFH has granted more than $935,000 in research support to Ohio State faculty, research staff and graduate students.  In turn, these projects have resulted in a significant return on investment, leading to over $6M in externally funded grants, publications in high impact journals and numerous presentations at conferences, seminars, and symposia.