Foods for Health Affiliates

Foods for Health Affiliate Community

What is the Foods for Health Affiliate community?

The FFH affiliate community represents a vibrant cluster of OSU faculty and other investigators engaged in research that aligns with the mission and vision of FFH and work within and across our research pillars of crop & food improvement, precision nutrition, food perception & behavior, and multi-omics analysis. Building this community is a key function of FFH and we strive to deliver programming in support of team science that leads to successful multidisciplinary research collaborations. 

Faculty and researchers with PI status self-select to join the FFH affiliate community.  If you're interested in becoming an FFH affiliate please, complete our membership survey. Your responses will be used in the FFH affiliate directory, which serves as a searchable database on areas of expertise and research methods. 

Staff members, students, and external stakeholders can also sign up to receive our communications without joining the affiliate program.  If you have additional questions on how to engage with the Foods for Health Research Initiative, please email

  • Eligible for FFH seed grant funding
  • Invitations to networking events 
  • Access to research development programming
  • Opportunities to engage with invited scholars
  • Amplification of your program, including announcements of new research funding and other awards, in our social media posts and other communications
  • Inclusion in the FFH affiliate-only listserv - a great resource for communicating directly with other members of the community
  • Eligible for letters of support for funding opportunities and award nominations
  • Serve on grant review panels
  • Participate in research development activities
  • Collaborate with others in the FFH community
  • Share your success stories
  • Attend FFH annual meeting and other networking events
  • Mentor junior colleagues
  • Recognize FFH on grant submissions (pa005) and publications when applicable

Foods for Health Affiliate Directory

Foods for Health has created an expertise directory highlighting the research programs of our affiliate community as well as our core faculty and leadership. Results may not appear in alphabetical order.